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Misleivy Hernandez

More than happy with how our security camera installation turned out. The technicians at Dicsan Technology were very patient with us while explaining how the security system works. Also, our IP Security Cameras and NVR work perfectly and they also installed remote monitoring on our phones. Over all we were very pleased with the service provided and our surveillance system.

Derek Gonzalez

I have worked with Dicsan Technology for over 2 years now and they pretty much take care of everything around my business in Miami (security cameras, access control system, IT services). I would recommend Dicsan to anyone looking for an affordable and reliable company to take care of these services for their business!



Access control systems Miami helps stop you from using objects in ways they weren't meant to be used. Access control may be used in combination with intercom access control systems which make your building vandal proof. It can be used at many layers of an overall system. It is used for access to an entire system or can be placed on a small item such as a text document. It is an issue in business too, and when it comes to the investing field the question of corporate access is one that has to be answered. Electronic access control is totally customizable for each and every user.



The control can be achieved by a human being or it could be carried out by a computerized machine utilizing an appropriate software program. The biometric control is an excellent case of how technology is combined with safety which can help us to simplify a lot of the procedures of normal life and could have applications in the health care field. Nevertheless, electronic charge of access to unique rooms is more powerful than the use of keys.

A last technique of access control is the excellent old turnstile. It can also be defined as a way to restrict access by the means of virtual and physical way to a system. It is a vital concern for a business of any size, today. Conventional access control systems Miami offer you minimum security because the doors can readily be opened by anyone provided that they have the vital cards and tickets. Generally, it is any type of control that regulates the entrance of a person in a given object. Miami access control is an action that's very often employed for protection of the essential files on computers.


The intercom access control system Miami is well-known with really big homes and using remote controls is considerably more common in middle class to a number of the upper class families. Most systems aren't smart enough to enable you to track each particular employee spends on any certain part of your premises. There are two varieties of locking systems readily available, electric and magnetic. Magnetic locking access control Miami systems can be programmed to reply in several distinct ways in response to an emergency so that people within a building can continue being safe. Most electronic access techniques utilize computers to supply greater security over the normal lock and key system. Over time, access control systems have become increasingly more sophisticated. Card swipe access control systems Miami are somewhat more secure and simpler to administer than the more conventional technique of offering employees keys to your company.


Access Control Systems has a broad application around the world from traveling tickets to cattle farming. Some access control techniques play an important part and are employed in a very secured place like government premises. They are a great solution. Access control system Miami aren't solely employed for preventing access to unapproved personal they're presently being used as a means to track employees since they move around your premises. Multi-level access control systems can incorporate both sensible chip technology in addition to card reading components. There are various sorts of access control systems Miami out there in the market now-a-days to preserve and safeguard your confidentiality and integrity in an organization.

Access control systems in Miami have three major mechanisms. At their simplest function, they provide or deny the ability to enter a building, facility, or gated area. They allow you to dictate the level of security needed for your architectural door. An electronic access control system can supply you with an effective remedy to your key management nightmare when providing an extremely potent tool in your total security management program. Electronic access control system throughout Miami and South Florida techniques supply a useful and secure remedy to avert unauthorized people from getting into the premise of your company. Moreover, an electronic access control system Miami gives a feasible choice to the utilization of access codes.


Several have sensitive areas where access needs to be controlled very tightly. Additionally, you can determine where unauthorised folks want to access. In addition, access won't ever fall into the incorrect hands by theft or loss. The procedure for determining the accessibility to the resources for a specific user is called Authorization.

Based on the degree of confidentiality and security, an individual may grant access. The access is going to be denied every time the user doesn't offer the proper user name and password. Then you'll comprehend the main reason why Swift introduces open access. Accordingly, access ought to be granted or disabled the exact day to stop unauthorized access. Additionally, an access control services in Miami and solution permits you to limit access to certain areas in your enterprise, ensuring the utmost in security and peace of mind.